Welcome to our registration page! All information gathered is emailed to the Wirth Center’s office, and we’ll reply to you as soon as we can. If you would like to register multiple students, please fill out the form for each student. Please fill in all fields! Once we receive your information, we will email you with an invoice for the amount owed or contact you if we have further questions. Thank you!

If you would like to apply for DISCOUNTED LESSONS at the Wirth Center, please click the button below, print the form, and return the application to our office for processing along with a copy of your most recent tax return. You should still fill out the registration form on this page, please mark in the comments below that you are also applying for discounted lessons. Thank you!

Registration Form


Registration Policies

Missed Lessons and Student Cancellations:

You have contracted for a block of time with a professional teacher. The teacher has to wait during a missed lesson and is unable to use this time for anything else, lest the student is simply running behind and arrives late. Any absence on the student’s part is a loss of time for the teacher. Make-ups for lessons missed or canceled by the student are ONLY for illness and emergency. Each teacher has his or her own make-up policies; please refer to your teacher’s studio policies for make-up procedures. Teachers are only required to make up 2 lessons throughout the school year in cases of student illness/emergency. Teachers are not required to make up lessons if 12-hour advance notice is not given.


Refunds are generally not given once registration has been completed.  If lesson conflicts arise, it is up to the teacher and student to arrange a make up day for the missed lessons.  A refund can be given if a student is discontinuing lessons and has notified the office and the teacher 30 days prior.  Extenuating circumstances, such as a broken limb or moving to a new area, would also be a cause for a refund.  Refunds will not be made for missed lessons do to illness, weather, vacations, sports games, or similar reasons.

Teacher Cancellations:

Teachers are allowed one missed lesson, for illness or emergency only, per student per year. This lesson will not be made up. The teacher is responsible for making up any lessons he/she misses thereafter.

WCPA Cancellations:

The decision to close WCPA is determined by safety conditions. As it is difficult to reschedule lessons or classes due to a school closing, the school is committed to remaining open as much as possible. When able, an e-mail notification will be sent out to all families. If you are wondering about a school closing, you can also call the office (320-255-0318) or contact your teacher directly. As always, use your own judgment in making a final decision regarding severe weather. Your life and the lives of your children are valuable and not worth risking for the cost of a missed lesson!

Dropping Lessons:

One month’s written notice is required when dropping lessons. The student is responsible for notifying their teacher and the office no later than one month before the last lesson day. An e-mail to the teacher and the business office indicating your intention to discontinue lessons is acceptable notification. A refund for remaining lessons will be given ONLY when these procedures are followed.

Instructor Change:

Changes in instructor are usually not made once the year of study has begun. Should the instructor, student, and family mutually decide that a change is necessary and in the best interest of the student, the instructors and the business office must be informed in writing before the change is made. If you have questions or concerns regarding instructors or instruction, please contact Chris Goering (Executive Director) or Paul Wirth (Artistic Director) immediately.

Scholarships and Financial Aid:

Scholarships may be applied for at the beginning of the fall semester. The form to download is available on our Support page. All applicants must reapply every year. The program is dependent on donations from individuals and grantors. Applications will be considered based on need, in the order they are received, and are limited by the funds available. All information submitted to the business office will be kept confidential. We can not combine Financial Aid with gift certificates or special promotions, thank you for understanding.

Tax Credit Information:

If you would like more information about tax credit/deductions please refer to If you are eligible and would like a receipt of tuition for the calendar year, please contact the business office in January. You will not receive a receipt unless you request it and it will be sent in January for the previous calendar year.

Recitals, Musicales & other WCPA events:

Students are not required to attend school recitals and music events (please check individual teacher policies for individual studio expectations). WCPA does believe, however, that studio musicales, recitals, and events are an important part of every student’s performing arts education. Please make every attempt to avail your child of these valuable learning tools. If you haven’t heard of any events, musicales, etc., please ask your teacher what they are planning or what they would suggest for you to attend.


The safety and security of your children while on WCPA premises is of extreme importance to us! We ask that all parents make secure arrangements for getting students to and from lessons. Please do not leave children unattended at the school either before or after their scheduled lesson time unless arrangements have been made with a teacher. Along with a positive and rewarding performing arts educational experience, WCPA is committed to providing a safe environment for your children.

Late fees:

There is a 10-day grace period, during which time no late fee will be assessed. Payments made 10 days after a due date may be assessed a late fee of $10 or 2% of the balance owed, whichever is higher. Any payment not received within 20 days of the due date will require the teacher to discontinue lessons until further payment is received.


The Wirth Center will occasionally take photographs of our students to use on Facebook or for other promotional purposes. Please notify your child’s teacher or the business office if you wish that his/her image not be used by the Wirth Center.